Delivery and payment - Modne buty damskie i męskie, trzewiki, półbuty z Polski - Sklep internetowy Badura

Delivery and payment

The minimum order size for free delivery with GLS is above PLN 200.




The goods purchased through e-shop can be paid via two channels:

  • at collection i.e. on receipt of merchandise
  • online payment, via Dotpay (e-transfer, credit or debit card or bank transfer)




The ordered merchandise will be sent to the client via GLS. In the order form please write the delivery address where the parcel can be delivered by the courier between 9 AM and 5 PM, from Monday to Friday. We do not deliver shipments on Saturdays, Sundays, and in the evenings.

Please, place orders in appropriate advance. Badura e-store makes all the effort so the order is completed as soon as possible, but the minimum time, needed for the completion of the order since placing the order until receiving delivery, is 2 days.



The cost of shipment does not depend on number of ordered pairs of shoes, and is the following:

  • prepayment - PLN 15
  • collection - PLN 15


The order placed during week days after 5 PM, on Saturdays, on Sundays, and on holidays, will be considered on the next working day.

In case of collection, products will be sent within 2 working days, but the prepaid order will be executed after recording the payment on our bank account.

In 90% of cases the shipment is delivered on the second working day after the parcel is given to a courier.


Deliveries overseas

Shipping orders abroad is possible only after receiving the prepayment. Delivery is only available within the European Union. Deliveries with GLS. Delivery cost:


Country approximate time of delivery (days) price (pln)
Austria 2 67.00
Belgium 3 58.00
Bułgaria 4 79.00
Cyprus (EU) 4-5 185.00
Czech Republic 2 55.00
Denmark 3 58.00
Estonia 2 84.00
Finland 5-7 116.00
France I (mainland) 3-4 85.00
France II (Corsica) 4-5 185.00
Greece I(Athens, Piraeus) 3 185.00
Grecce II(rest of the country) 4-5 206.00
Spain I (mainland) 4 116.00
SpainII (Balears)
5 297.00
Netherlands 3 58.00
4 115.00
4 61.00
2 58.00
2 55.00
Latvia 2-3 70.00
Germany 2 55.00
Portugal I (mainland)
4 131.00
Portugal II (Azores, Madeera)
5-7 264.00
3 77.00
San Marino
4 85.00
2 55.00
3 90.00
4-5 100.00
2 55.00
United Kingdom 3-4 85.00
Italy 3 85.00